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dadido diary

about National New Party

I dont understand program of National New Party.  Because of this yesterday I read newspaper of that party. It's written that Democracy is old opinion.  So democracy is great. But sometimes very ugly.  We dont need democracy.  We need theory of nationalism. Democracy dont able to regulate political crisis, unemployment, increasing of cost. Mongol state must be powerful.  Our neighbors'states are powerful.  Mongol state must competate with them.    there is not constant theory on democracy.  After that I remember foreword of Constitution of Mongolia.  There is one word.  It's civil democratic society. attention If state will powerful there isnt any freedom. There wil be an evil.  In the end I would say if there is mistake dont critic on grammar and selection of word.  I know that there is many mistakes. bye       

бичсэн: dadido | төрөл: My opinion 2008-06-13 өдөр 20:18
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it's very idea of you
Бичсэн: galbaatar 21:11, 2008-06-13 | Холбоос | |

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