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dadido diary

my life is...

Two months ago I graduated law school. Profession is laweyr.  Recent days I always think about my job.  Why did I choose this profession.   Maybe I was interesting this profession after secondary school.  But I had to think about future of job of lawyer.  Sometimes I regret my choice.  But What did you do at law school for 4 years. It s my mistake. I couldnt spend all time for knowledge and skills.   Some people told me that  because of this you couldnt get job now.  If you got job you will be changed. So some classmates dont worry on job.  Or am i hurrying. i registered on police.  Family member dont like on my registration.  Just in case I wanna get job by uncorruption.  But It's dream by some people's opinion.  But I respect my profession.  I will spend all my skill power for job.     If i cant get job i'm gonna go abroad.   Maybe a few days later My life will be changed.  in the end there is any mistakes on this writing.  I m sorry

бичсэн: dadido | төрөл: private 2008-07-19 өдөр 18:08
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Everybody makes big mistakes but you don worry it's ok.
that  doesn't matter every mistake. also if you wanna do professional jobs i will good luck.
ok. Have a nice day. everything is ok you don worry.
Бичсэн: roza 16:51, 2008-10-17 | Холбоос | |

Ur choice is good enough for me. So u should get a job exactly.
Бичсэн: Egel_setgel 20:19, 2008-07-19 | Холбоос | |

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